Saturday, February 1, 2014

Our Story

Like so many others, my husband and I longed to get back to Mother Earth and live a simpler, cleaner life in the country with our dog, cat, chickens and maybe a few goats.  But, time and money did not allow for such a venture and Phoenix is not the most hospitable climate to farm in with it's limited  water reserves.  So, we put our dream on the back burner for a while and did what little backyard vegetable gardening we could do.  The homestead dream faded with time.

A few years and new son later, G (my husband) and I decided that we were done with Arizona and wanted to move back to our home state of California.  I put in for a transfer and in February of 2012 we packed up and moved to Temecula which is the Napa Valley of So Cal.  I had lived here before my move to Arizona and I loved the area.  In addition, it was far cheaper to live in Temecula than in other areas of So Cal.  G loved the area, too, so it was a good fit.


Almost immediately, we began looking for a house.  Our realtor began to show us homes in housing tracks, one after the other, but we really didn't see anything that spoke to us.  We really didn't like any of it.

Then one day, G was surfing the Internet real estate sites and found a property in Wine Country that was being auctioned.  It was a manufactured home on 2 acres and it was going for $79k!!!  In So Cal, that price is unheard of.  We went to look at the property and fell in love. 

Well, we didn't get that property BUT it crystalized our dream of a homestead once again and what we wanted.  We realized that we'd been looking at the wrong properties all along!  Duh!  So, we began looking in the more rural areas with acreage and wells and septic tanks. 

It was not all that easy, though.  In 2012 the area was pretty depressed and the real estate prices were a steal!  Everyone, and I mean everyone, was looking to get into a house and the market was hot, hot, hot.   We were forever outbid, too late, or the property was sold before we even got a chance to see it.  At one point, we had made an offer on a short sale property but the bank dragged its feet (we think because they wanted to sell it for more than they had accepted our offer for) but we got tired of waiting and began looking again.

Then, one day G was once again searching for properties online and he found one that had fallen out of escrow and was put back on the market that very day.  I called my agent and we went to see it that very evening.  I made the offer that night and we got it!  3.88 acres with a view of the entire Temecula Valley!

Most of the acreage is unusable, as you can see from the picture, above.  Most of it consists of granite boulders so we won't be planting acres of crops.  On the bright side, we can go rock climbing in our own backyard.

The sunsets are the best part of this property.

And many mornings we wake up to hot air balloons on the horizon.  We are truly fortunate to have found this lovely place.  Over the next few months, I will share some of the challenges and beauty of Deerhaven.  I hope you join me.

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  1. So happy you found the property ,you were searching for.. Looks beautiful..